Alba's 1st Birthday Party

by Papa Ngai Sunday, November 04, 2012

Alba's first year has come and gone all too quickly. In a couple of days, she'll turn 1. For the convenience of everybody, Mama Ngai organised for Alba's birthday party to be yesterday (03/11/2012) so that it falls on a Saturday. Although Alba won't remember this day, I hope that when she's old enough to read this post she'll look back on the many photos that Uncle Andy and others took and smile, knowing how many guests were there to celebrate with her. Alba, also remember how much your mummy loves you to have organised so much for you. Although the wet weather meant that we couldn't have the party at the original location (Holroyd Gardens Park), it was still a lot of trouble for mummy to rush up and down from our apartment on her own birthday! I hope you'll also be happy to know that daddy was the one to hold your little hand as you cut open your first ever Birthday cake (a generous gift by Auntie Queenie).