Just an Update

by Alba Ngai Friday, August 06, 2021

SmileHi Everyone, Alba Here, super long time no post but actually, during the non-post days I'm feeling great but also getting older. The main thing is that I need to update this Ngais R Us thing because literally everyone in my family hasn't been posting anying at all after Bella was born. So just saying there's good and bad things about the holidays and OEP (Online Educational Provision). Mostly every person likes good news so I'm talking about that first. The good news is that I have a lot of dance going on and I just love it! Dancing is basicalliy the sport/dance that I like the best. Now bad news, everyone probably knows about........it's............THE COVID-19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and still not sure how many exclamation marks I'll do. The Covid-19 has stopped me from doing a lot of things like, competitions, exams and you know what I mean. Just saying, thank you for reading!




by Alba Ngai Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hi it's Alba Ngai again and Alba and Bella were building using magnets and so they first made a handbag, but they failed so they tried a house and so Alba made a part, Bella made a part and they sticked them together and so Connor added some detail to make it more intresting but this time they didn't make an arparment intead they made a hotel the hotel was so detailed by Connor and made parts from Alba and Bella and they used all the play magnets and  they didn't want to pull it apart and so they hid it under their desks and played in there.


by Alba Ngai Monday, May 11, 2020

Alba and Bella have been using Photo Booth and made themselves into aliens.


Photo Booth

by Alba Ngai Monday, May 11, 2020

Hi it's me again, Alba and this is my second post. Alba has been using photo Booth and she made it real. She made the photo like a picture.


Happy Mother's Day!

by Alba Ngai Sunday, May 10, 2020

It's Mother's Day and Alba and Bella Ngai have planned a present for our lovely mum and she is really exited for Mothers Day and while dad is sleeping Alba and Bella Ngai quickly brush their teeth and eat breakfast ZZZ (dad snoring well he says he never snores) then Alba and Bella give their presents to mum and when she opens it she sees a choclate box but no choclate inside instead there were two letters inside that said to mum from Bella and Alba Ngai she opens the two letters and one that is from Bella Noelle Ngai had one letter and a flower mad out of Hama beads in the other letter that is from Alba Michelle Ngai that has two letters in side and one heart, a braclet and a butterfly made out of Hama beads. After that we waited and played while dad was sleeping so we kept going upstairs to see if dad can wake up earlier so we can go to gandma's house so Alba and Bella both setted five minutes and after that five minutes dad woke up and quickly brushed teeth and got ready before we do. Then we all were ready an so we went to grandma's house and so we played and ate dinner so it was time to go home went we got back home Alba fell asleep so dad had to carry her upstairs.so she took a shower and wrote this post.